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Graphic Representation of the Flow of Matthew

gospel-matthew-topographical-jtp-cbMy super-talented former student and close friend, Chris Borah, has made this graphical representation of my analysis of Matthew’s structure and flow. It highlights how the five major discourses have their own varying functions and roles within the overall, highly-structure narrative that is the First Gospel. I discuss this in chapter 5 of my forthcoming The Sermon on the Mount and Human Flourishing: A Theological Commentary, but not with this graphical awesomeness!

I am struck not only by the beauty and insight of what he has created but also am reminded of the reality of how different modes of communication cannot be collapsed into each other: a graphic representation communicates things that can not be said any other way. Wonder-ful! (The classic Metaphors We Live By is a good place to start thinking about language in this way. Even more philosophical, Taylor’s The Language Animal).

Enough on that. Here it is:


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  1. admin February 2, 2017 4:42 pm

    A few notes about the design/layout:

    – The color is important: the mountains are the in-breaking/revelation of heaven to earth.
    – The missionary and church discourses land right at the intersection of heaven and earth: church going into the world on mission, and the world coming into the church in Christ.
    – The prologue is “in the valley” because of the exile, Egypt, “seed of serpent,” Satanic temptation, among other things.
    – The conclusion is at “sea level,” because the cross unites heaven and earth, and the Great Commission is also a unification.
    – Note the parallels (both visually and in the notes) between the first and fifth discourses, particularly the macarisms/woes and the judgement contrast/conclusions.
    – Some of the parallels between the prologue and conclusion are my speculations and may or may not be endorsed by the Good Doctor (Jonathan).

    Yours ever,