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Publications and Research

Online Articles/Interviews


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Book Reviews

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Paper Presentations (representative)

  • “Dualism in OT Cosmology: Weltbild and Weltanschauung,” Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society, San Antonio, November 2004
  • “Refractions of Greek Daniel in Matthew” Greek Bible Section, Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical LIterature, San Diego, CA, November 2007

PhD Thesis — “Heaven and Earth in the Gospel of Matthew”

My 105,000 word thesis on the theme of heaven and earth in Matthew was successfully defended with no revisions in June of 2005 (External Examiner: Mark Goodacre; Internal Examiner: Bruce Longenecker).

A slightly revised version was published in late 2007 in the Supplements to Novum Testamentum series published by Brill (Leiden) under the same title. A paperback version will also be published by Baker in 2009.

The abstract is below:

A much-overlooked aspect of the Gospel of Matthew is the theme of heaven and earth. A close examination of Matthew reveals that this theme is woven deeply and skillfully throughout the First Gospel and interacts with several other theological emphases there. The language of heaven and earth appears repeatedly throughout Matthew and is highlighted in crucial passages such as the Beatitudes, the Lord’s Prayer, the ecclesiological passages (16:13-20; 18:18-20), and the Great Commission. Rather than being a reverential circumlocution for God (as is typically assumed), “heaven” in Matthew is part of a highly developed discourse of heaven and earth language. Matthew has developed an idiolectic way of using heaven language that consists of four aspects: 1) an intentional distinction in meaning between the singular and plural forms of ou)rano&j; 2) the frequent use of the heaven and earth word pair as a theme; 3) regular reference to the Father in heaven/heavenly Father; and 4) the recurrent use of the uniquely Matthean expression, basilei&a tw~n ou)ranw~n, “kingdom of heaven.” After providing a detailed examination of the historical precedents for each of these elements as well as their outworking in Matthew, this book argues that Matthew’s four-fold idiolect serves one overriding theological purpose: to highlight the tension that currently exists between heaven and earth or God and humanity, while looking forward to its eschatological resolution. Matthew’s emphasis on the current tension between heaven and earth functions as one of the more important themes in the First Gospel, and it makes several theological, pastoral and polemical points in his first-century context.

Research Interests

Gospels, especially Matthew
Hermeneutics, including a canonical and theological reading of Scripture
Septuagintal Studies
History of Biblical Interpretation
Patristic Interpretation of Scripture
Greek Lexicography and Linguistics
Virtue and Epistemology


Reading the Gospels WiselyFor the past ten years I have been working on the hermeneutical issues of what the Gospels are and how we are to read them. I'm thrilled to be finally done with this book!

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Heaven and Earth in the Gospel of MatthewThe theme of heaven and earth is a much-overlooked aspect of the Gospel of Matthew. In this work, rising scholar Jonathan Pennington articulates a fresh perspective on this key interpretive issue, challenging both the scholarly and popular understandings of the meaning of Matthew's phrase, "kingdom of heaven." Pennington argues that rather than being a reverent way of referring to God as is typically assumed, "heaven" in Matthew is part of a highly developed discourse of heaven and earth language.

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